“Interactive Teaching - Using Educational Games and New Technology in order to enhance learners’ motivation” Paris, France

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“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” – George Bernard Show

This course has been designed for teachers of different subjects and it aims at equipping them with practical ideas in order to enhance their students‟ motivation and create a friendly, effective and attractive learning environment.

A key driver for organising this training event is represented by the general opinion that young people are increasingly engaged with the games culture outside school rather than the school in itself. We can state that education has a lot of goals but, in fact, very few people would consider “to be fun” as one of its main goals. What we think is “no pain, no gain.” And this is exactly what we intend to improve in our training event. During the course period the participants will experience with interactive methods of teaching which can successfully not replace but complement the traditional methods. In this way we will try to feed our students‟ natural „hunger‟ for knowledge by using the, also natural, human affinity of playing games. The training course tries to convince the attendees of the value of the interactive approach (educational games) blended with (and not against) the traditional one. Because making learning fun motivates students and helps them pay attention and stay focused on the subject.
To do so, we will 'play' Educational Games and try to adapt them for academic purpose. Moreover we will explore what Internet Resources, Music and Movies based learning and Outdoors Activities have to offer.

Course Objectives:
• To promote interactive teaching methods by using educational games with academic purpose
• To provide insights on motivation, goals and popularity of games
• To experience the impact of educational games
• To develop awareness of the positive effects of educational games in increasing students‟ motivation
• To share experience;
• To improve the abilities to work collaboratively in transnational groups;
• To improve communication skills

Expected results
As a result of attending this training course, the participants will become more creative in their teaching and they will be able to design materials that are motivating and attractive by using educational games.

This course contains the following modules:

Module 1: Motivation in education; How to create a responsive, captivating learning environment;
Module 2: Types of educational games and other interactive/innovative teaching methods; Interaction beyond the classroom walls - Outdoors Activities
Module 3: Practice makes perfect: ’trying on’ the Educational Games;
Module 4: Sharing experience: participants suggest their own interactive activities
Module 5: Internet resources ( Games and activities online) - laptops or tablets needed

The course is highly practical and the participants will have to participate in the creation of a games database for further use.

Detailed information regarding the programme and preparation for the course will be sent to granted participants.
Our team will assist the participants with necessary information required to reach destination and to successfully manage within the course period in the new country.

Course fee: EUR 70 per day per participant. We provide both 5 and 7 day sessions.

Accommodation, meals, social programme are not included in this price. For accommodation, we recommend the most convenient possibilities, but the participants are free to choose.

The opportunities to visit the city and the neighbourhood will be introduced to the participants before the beginning of the course.

Message for the future participants:
Sharing experience will be an important part of the course. It starts with the opening session when you are kindly asked to present the main aspects of your school. Please, bear in mind that your presentation should not exceed 5 minutes. If time allows, be prepared to answer questions about your educational system and/or country.

Pre-registration here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Nf0ZNU0sprZTmKNu3Av2HLw8PWRIm1FRA950qIwgehc/viewform

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