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Please note that this course has concluded, although its content remains available for perusal. It is no longer possible to receive the course badge, the module badges, or the course certificate, and support for this course is no longer provided by the course instructors or the Teacher Academy team.

A key challenge in teaching Maths is not only its fundamental principles, process, and applications but also fostering a sense of curiosity and confidence in transferring the knowledge and skills to new situations. In other words helping pupils to understand the relevance of this competence outside of the Maths classroom.

The course aims to address this situation by helping teachers develop students’ Mathematical competence as defined by the EU’s Key Competences framework: the ability to develop and apply mathematical thinking in order to solve a range of problems in everyday situations, with the emphasis being placed on process, activity and knowledge.

By the end of the course we will have an understanding why it is important to innovate and personalize Maths teaching. We will have developed a Learning Design that incorporates activities for different learners, developed a Learning Diary with key reflections on the course topics and shared resources to support Maths activities for students of different dominant intelligence types.

The course is substantially based on Irina Vasilescu’s Learning Event “Maths for Every Student” on eTwinning. Irina Vasilescu, an experienced Maths teacher and teacher trainer, will be directly involved in the running of the course as a course moderator and you'll have plenty of opportunities to directly interact with her.

Join us on this Teacher Academy course and meet like-minded pedagogues, find useful resources, learn about innovative pedagogy, and earn digital badges and a certificate recognising your work!

The course is entirely free and is organised as a MOOC-type course, allowing anyone to join.

Enroll now and join us via social media on Facebook here and via Twitter using #math2mooc

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Attended 18.09.2017 - 22.10.2017

The course was very usefull for me. I had the chance to colloborate with other teachers from all over the world and exchange exclerience and opinions about oracticies and methods . New tools were given to me , so my daily teaching practice will be richer and easier. Our Advisor helped as a lot. Everyone was willing to answer my queztion and help me. Thank you all for the grate opportunity you gave to me to becoce a better teacher. I really thank you all for this educational academy which gives us , the working teachers the chance to fill our knowledge hunger. Learning by distance is the only possible way for us to be educated. And you provide it to us for free. God bless you!

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Teacher Academy by School Education Gateway
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