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This course is designed for teachers who would like to further their knowledge on the use of ICT in class and to experiment new enjoyable tools. The course will focus on web solutions such as Edmodo, Google educational tools, online Quizzes and others.

During the course, participants will learn by doing: working in groups, they will have the opportunity to test different tools directly and to share examples about how to use them in class. The techniques acquired in the course will enable teachers to make their lessons more engaging for their students thus making them more effective.

Upon completion of the course teachers will be aware of strengths and weaknesses of many different ICT tools and will know how to exploit them in the classroom in a safe and useful way.

All our courses in Florence include: 2 City Guided Tours of Florence and a 1 day Tuscan Excursion to be chosen among options.


- Audiovisual Platforms: how to make a search easier, creating playlists about different topics, sharing and embedding videos and playlists;

- Online platforms for communication and sharing: managing a virtual classroom, sending assignments, searching and sharing useful materials, communicating with students and parents;

- Google Drive and Google Apps used as educational resources;

- Motivating students through serious digital games and online quizzes.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Florence / Firenze, Italy

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27.01.2020 > 01.02.2020 (ID: 92716)
24.02.2020 > 29.02.2020 (ID: 92715)
23.03.2020 > 28.03.2020 (ID: 92714)
27.04.2020 > 02.05.2020 (ID: 92713)
25.05.2020 > 30.05.2020 (ID: 92712, Confirmed))
22.06.2020 > 27.06.2020 (ID: 92719)
27.07.2020 > 01.08.2020 (ID: 92718)
24.08.2020 > 29.08.2020 (ID: 92717)
28.09.2020 > 03.10.2020 (ID: 92711)
26.10.2020 > 31.10.2020 (ID: 92710)
23.11.2020 > 28.11.2020 (ID: 92709)

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Attended 25.03.2019 - 30.03.2019

I attended this very useful course in the stunning Florence. We learnt a lot about classroom management and motivating ICT tools. Iacopo was a skilled and humorous trainer especially during the city tour about Florentine food and culture. The full day excursion to Tuscany was well organised as well.Thank you for the experience!

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Attended 26.11.2018 - 01.12.2018

I took part in this course in November, 2018. I learned a lot of useful applications for the classroom. I liked the good organization. Thanks for everything!

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A very useful course, motivating trainers, positive atmosphere! During the sessions you actually learn how to use ICT tools through hands-on exercises, so that you can go back to your classroom inspired, as well as curious to propose new tasks to your students!

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I attended in Web solution for the clasroom course one week ago. It was about using ICT tools in teaching English in clasroom. I knew many new apps , platforms, programms to use. I'm so satisfied with this course. Thanks a lot for it.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Europass Teacher Academy
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