How to prevent drop­out and school failure

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Day 1
Welcome Meeting
What Do We Know About Dropout Prevention?
● Why is Preventing Dropout a Critical and
Immediate National Goal?
● How are Dropout Rates Measured? What are
Associated Issues?
● What Do We Know About Who Drops Out
and Why?
● What Does Current Thinking Tell Us About
How to Address Dropout?
● What are Key Components of Dropout
Prevention Programs?

Day 2
How Were Sample Intervention Programs
● The Need for Examples of Effective
● Search Process & Initial Criteria
● Raising the Bar
● Final Parameters for Selection
● Abstracts: Coding & Definitions

Day 3
What Works in Dropout Prevention?
● Summary Chart of Sample Dropout
Prevention Programs
● The Decision­Making Process
● Sample Dropout Intervention Programs:
● Achievement for Latinos through Academic
Success (ALAS)
● Career Academies
● Check & Connect
● Coca­Cola Valued Youth Program
● Interpersonal Relations/Personal Growth
● Ninth Grade Dropout Prevention Program
● Preventing School Dropout Beginning in
Elementary Grades
● Project COFFEE
● School Transitional Environment Project
● Support Center for Adolescent Mothers
(Family Growth Center)
● Teen Outreach Program (TOP)
Professional Visit to a Vocational School

Day 4
Where Else Can I Go for More Information?
● Related Resources & Organizations
● Journal Articles & Related Publications
● Web Sites Providing Data on Dropout Rates
● Appendix: Reproducible Handouts on
Dropout Prevention
Professional Visit to a Teacher

Day 5
Preventing Dropout
● A Critical and Immediate Educational Goal
● What Do We Know About Who Drops Out
and Why?
● Preventing Dropout and Promoting School

Day 6
School and Community Perspective
● Safe Learning Environments
● School­Community Collaboration
● Systemic Renewal

Day 7
Early Interventions
● Early Childhood Education
● Early Literacy Development
● Family Engagement
Professional Visit to a Public School

Day 8
Basic Core Strategies
● After­School Opportunities
● Alternative Schooling
● Mentoring/Tutoring
● Service­Learning

Day 9
Making the Most of Instruction
● Active Learning
● Career and Technology Education (CTE)
● Educational Technology
● Individualized Instruction
● Professional Development
Professional Visit to an association
of youth intervention

Day 10
Final Workshop

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