Foreign Language Teaching Facilities

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● Learn grammar-translation approach
● Learn new techniques to a direct approach
● Learn new techniques to a reading approach
● How to use effectively audio lingual method
● How to create a community language learning
● How to create a communicative language teaching
● Learn what is the silent way
● Understand physical response
● How to use the VAK methodology

● Teachers of primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools
● Adult education teachers
● Teachers of special needs
● Teacher trainers, careers officers, educational guides and counsellors
● Headmasters/principals/managers of schools and organisations offering adult education or
vocational education

Detailed Schedule

Day 1
● Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information
about course venue.
● Icebreakers, introduction to the course.

Day 2
● Foreign language: spoken and written in the World
● Learning strategies

Day 3
● Development of linguistic skills
● Dynamics in classrooms
● The importance of paying attention

Day 4
● Methodologies and teaching techniques
● Approaching linguistic concepts

Day 5
● Communicative Approach for Foreign Language Teaching
● Professional Visit to a Language School

Day 6
● Receptive Linguistic Skills: written and oral comprehension
● Productive Linguistic Skills: oral and written production
● Foreign Language Classrooms Management
● Foreign Language Classroom Methodology

Day 7
● Curriculum, Course Program and Class Planning
● Professional Visit to a Technical School

Day 8
● Misspelling Correction Techniques
● Evaluation Techniques

Day 9
● Language and Culture
● Use of New Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching

Day 10
● Research Methodologies
● Final Workshop
● Certificates Ceremony

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Braga, Portugal

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