Better communication in School

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Day 1
Professional relationships
Anger control
Friends or friendly?
Theatre Workshop

Day 2
Behavioural mirroring
Managing professional boundarie
Benefits of professional boundaries
Setting appropriate limits in the classroom

Day 3
Setting your own boundaries as a teacher
Barriers to communicating effectively
The importance of paying attention
Theatre workshop

Day 4
Which communication method to use in the classroom
Reading a person's body language
Theatre Workshop

Day 5
When students do not listen
Physical distractions
Listen first, Listening skills
Work Visit to teacher association

Day 6
The importance of being prepared in a classroom
Active listening
Watching yourself as a facilitator
Understanding the whole picture of a classroom
Work Visit to School

Day 7
Getting it right inside of classroom
Reflective listening and feelings
Question types in classroom
Work Visit to school psychologist

Day 8
Importance on classroom communication
Working with parents
Working in partnership between teachers
Treating people with respect

Day 9
Listening to a person’s point of view
Cultural misunderstandings
Parents with low expectations
Communicating with young carers
Communication Techniques and Skills

Day 10
Final Workshop

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