Multiculturalism ­ Immigrants Integration

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● The course will equip participants with knowledge and skills for creating a multi­cultural
environment in their organisations.
● Participants will learn how to understand different cultures and how to change stereotypes.
● Course will emphasize the role of teachers and their institutions in encouraging multi­cultural
educational environment.
● Participants will get familiar with programme for successful integration of immigrant children into
school system.

● Teachers

Detailed Schedule

Day 1
● Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable,
information about course venue.
● Icebreakers, introduction to the course.

Day 2
● Sharing the multi­cultural experiences and good practices in the field of integration of immigrant
children into educational system.
● Understanding cultural backpack: becoming aware of cultural patterns.
● Experiential workshop: understanding the perspective of others in communication.

Day 3
● Awareness of the emotional and psychological distress of immigrant children in the process of
integration into new environment.
● Responding to the needs of immigrant children and providing help and support to them and their
● Presentation of "The successful integration of immigrant children" programme.

Day 4
● Half day study visit to Portuguese school that is an example of good practice in encouraging
multiculturalism and integration of immigrant children into educational system.
● Presentation of guidelines for integration of immigrant children.

Day 5
● Inclusive pedagogy: understanding the concept, it’s functioning, obstacles and benefits.
● Tools and exercises for integration of immigrant children into educational activities at the level of
classroom and school.
● Cooperation between teachers and local community (NGOs, institutions, associations...) in
strengthening children’s talents and potentials.

Day 6
● Empowering immigrant children to become active participants in their school and local
● Providing supportive and multi­cultural school environment for successful integration of
immigrant children.
● Key learning points, concluding remarks, feedback to the trainer using creativity technique.
● Planning follow up activities, dissemination and implementation of learning outcomes.

Day 7
● Inclusive pedagogy inside of Family:
○ Parents plan:
■ Building Personal Confidence & Self Awareness
■ Developing Teamwork & Communications Skills
■ Know your Employment Rights
■ Career Preparation
■ Job Search Skills & Interview techniques
■ The barriers on labour market as perceived by immigrants

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