Gifted Students

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● How to Spot a Gifted Student
● Meeting the Need of Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom
● Working with Gifted & Talented Students
● Use Piaget Stage Theory of Development
● Use Bloom’s Taxonomy

● Special Education Teachers and Normal Teachers

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Day 1
● Evolving definitions of Giftedness
● Theories of Inteligence
● Why Gifted Programs are Needed
● Identifying Gifted Students

Day 2
● Meeting the Need of Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom
● Classroom Organization and Management
● Gift Students and The Inclusive Classroom
● The learning Environment

Day 3
● Involve Parents as Resource Locators
● Social And Emotional Climate
● Support for Gifted Minority Students
● Support for Gifted Girls

Day 4
● Curriculum Compacting and Flexible Pacing
● Allow Students to Accelerate Their Learning
● Models for Diferentiating Content
● Learning from the Experiences of Others
● Visit to a school with activities for Gifted Students

Day 5
● Conduct Informal Assessments
● Re­Familiarize Yourself with Piaget & Bloom
● Piaget's Stage Theory of Development
● Bloom's Taxonomy
● Visit To the National Association for Gifted Students

Day 6
● Self Directed Learning
● Learning Centers
● Problem Based Centers
● Allow Students to Accelerate Their Learning
● Teacher Training

Day 7

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