“Digital pass in a future classroom” Rhodes island, Dodecanese, Greece

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Digital pass in a Future classroom is a seven day training course stimulated by digital learning activities implemented for educational and entertainment purposes.
The course focuses on digital learning and future classroom as an interdisciplinary approach in education by exploiting examples from the diverse (multicultural and multireligious) cultural heritage environment of Rhodes. Cultural Heritage is a resource for understanding history and people. At the same time, it is an educational resource, both as a learning experience and as a tool for various disciplines. Cultural environment is not restricted to the teaching of history or arts. It can be connected to subject areas as diverse as religion, economics, geography, aesthetics, science, technology and design. Exposure to arts and culture is assumed to make people creative. Therefore, arts and culture in education can stimulate creativity and teachers should consider making culture-based activities an integral element of their educational strategies.

Creativity in teaching and learning can be supported by digital tools that turn teachers and learners into creators of digital content. Teachers can combine technology and culture in order to design, create, publish and share digital learning experiences with educational or entertainment value.
During the training program, an overview of digital tools and applications for learning design are presented and practiced. Field trips in the cultural environment of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, serve as the cultural learning context for teachers to generate their own digital stories.
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Gymnasio Gennadiou Rodou (Secondary School of Gennadi Rhodes)
Rhodes, Rhodes island, Greece

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Gymnasio Gennadiou Rodou (Secondary School of Gennadi Rhodes)
Gymnasio Gennadiou Rodou (Secondary School of Gennadi Rhodes)
Rating: 0/5


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