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During the preparation the participants will be asked to make a short analysis or online survey on staff development opportunities in their surroundings. The information will be used in the process of development of the workshops accordingly.
Participants will also be asked to bring with them promotional materials for staff development activities in their own countries. these materials will be scrutinised during the course.

Objectives and expected outcomes

Participants are:
- aware of good practice in staff development
- able to make an informed choice of inset courses
- able to organise a staff development programme (in their own school)
- able to enrich their knowledge about EU tools and funds in area of education
- aware how and why staff development practice and context differ in various countries
- are able to pick up ideas from other countries which they can incorporate in their own practice
- are able to develop new projects and partnerships


The guiding methodological principle of the course will be learning by doing.
The tutor team will apply the principles underlying effective staff development to this particular course. Among other things this means that the methodology of the course is based on the constructivist learning principle, which allows for active and interactive participation, as a result of which participants will be able to integrate new knowledge, understanding and skills into their existing repertoire.
We will use interactive learning methodology and partly a formal presentations. The participant will be able to learn about via using e-tools and social Medias.


The participants will be connected between themselves online. We will create a drop box with materials from the course, also a FB group will be created for more personal contact between each of them on daily basis. This communication will enable them to download relevant documents that will be posted on the group and be informed of future initiatives and developments in the area.

Certificate of attendance and EUROPASS MOBILITY certificate

Each of the participants will receive a certificate of attendance.
Each participants will also receive EUROPASS MOBILITY certificate
Europass Mobility is a standard European document, which records details of the contents and the results - in terms of skills and competences or of academic achievements - of a period that a person of whatever age, educational level and occupational status has spent in another country for learning purposes.

Working programme for the training course

Day 1.
Arrival of participants
Introduction to the working programme and logistical stings
Expectations fears and contributions from participants
Erasmus plus in Europe

Day 2.
Objectives and content of continuous education
Education practitioners as professionals
Needs assessment – personalization of learning needs
Presentation of schools – fair of possibilities for cooperation
Main elements of personal development – presentation by expert
Hearing and understanding – round table with experts and facilitators

Day 3
Visit to Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and presentation by the management of the university on the topic
Possibilities for lifelong learning development – presentation by expert
The school as a learning organization – working in mix groups with experts facilitators
Self-assessment as a tool for personal and institutional development
Networking through Intercultural evening in town

Day 4
Funds and opportunities for schools in Europe
Educations possibilities and networking
Project ideas development – open space technique
Visit to ICDET office and presentation of best practices

Day 5
Conflict management in school work
Stress management
Evaluation and sustainability – how it should be done
Evaluation of the project
Networking – self-directed learning format

Course organiser
Sofia, Bulgaria

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Upcoming sessions

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