2 Week Course: Classroom Management and Audio-Visual Projects: Practicing new Teaching Skills - Florence

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This course has been created for teachers who want to learn more about managing an effective and up to date classroom that encourages participation and engaged learning using the latest techniques and classroom tools.

During the first week of the course, participants will actively learn how to create and adapt audio-visual resources (photos, movies, music clips, documentaries, new videos...) to teach their subjects in a more effective way. All this helps student to absorb and retain ideas, and in the development of communicative, critical, social and creative skills.

During the second week, participants will expand their reflection to considering how to establish classroom rules, provide clear instructions, monitor, develop rapport, incorporate pair and group work, and gain tips for encouraging students to reflect on their own classroom behaviour. Assessment and evaluation will also be addressed along with the incorporation of student portfolios, rubrics, and presentation strategies.
During the second week, participants will have the chance to focus and practice how to manage an up-to-date classroom through the use of new tools and technology (Edmodo, Google, online quizzes and many others).

By the end of the course, students will have gained greater insight into what makes a classroom run smoothly and what it takes to “Flip” their own classrooms. They will also become more familiar with Project and Task Based Learning and take away ideas for evaluating student learning and participation effectively. In addition, upon completion of the course participants will be aware of strengths and weaknesses of different visual tools and will know how to exploit them in the classroom in a safe and useful way. All this will allow them to enhance their students’ engagement and to improve communication within the class.

Promotion of Diversity, European Dimension and Teacher Collaboration:

All our courses in Florence include: 2 City Guided Tours of Florence and a 1 day Tuscan Excursion to be chosen among options.
Other free time -optional- activities comprise:

- Aperitivo with other teachers and course participants;

- Afternoon tea and talks with teachers attending different courses to exchange opinions about relevant education topics (which lead to partnerships and/or projects).

- 1 Meeting about ERASMUS+ opportunities for schools, teachers and learners. Those meetings have produced several EUROPEAN LLP and ERASMUS+ Partnerships among schools in the last 10 years.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Florence / Firenze, Italy

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