Reducing unemployment and developing entrepreneurial skills

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The course is aimed to develop the entrepreneurial way of thinking, to develop the creativity and make people pro-active and open-minded, as well as to stimulate the entrepreneurial attitude for a better integration into the labour market. The course is appropriate for teachers at any level, of any subject, head teachers, school inspectors, school counselors, decision makers in the field of education, trainers.
The final course title is to be announced only to the participants in the course (people having the grant approved and registered based on a final registration form provided by the course organisers), as it will be adapted to their needs and to the objectives of the projects the participants receive the grant from. Moreover, each course is unique, as it is adapted also to the novelties in education, to the background & level of education the participants teach/train at (in case the participants come from the education area) and/or to the background of the participants (in case the participants come from the labour market or business area). It is also possible that more topics will be combined in each session, in order to create a course adapted to the participants' needs. Nevertheless, the final course title will include the key words mentioned in this title.
The activities of the course will be organized in Assen, the Netherlands, in 7 days. At request, people having a grant for 5 days can join only the first 5 days of the course. In case there are people having a grant for more than 7 days we have the possibility to extend the programme to maximum 10 days (depending on the number of people having more than 7 days granted).

For logistic and organisational reasons, all the participants will be accommodated in the same hotel chosen by the course organiser, the rooms will be booked by the course organiser and the participants will pay the equivalent amount by using the grant for individual costs received from their National Agencies.
All the participants in the training course will have breakfast and lunches together, in the same hotel where they are accommodated and where also the meeting rooms are located.

The course fee is the standard amount of 70 Eur per person per day. For organisational costs directly linked with the implementation of mobility activities, local travel related to the course activities, as well as monitoring and support during mobility each participant has to pay a fee of 65 Euro for the whole course, amount that will be paid by using the grant received from the NAs for organisational costs.
The course fee and the organisational costs are to be paid by bank transfer, before the course starts, to a limit date established by the course organiser.
The accommodation costs can be paid before the course starts (by bank transfer, in the hotel bank account, based on an invoice received from the hotel) or directly at the hotel reception, at the participants' arrival.

Feedback participants:
“My learning experience was great and I could improve my knowledge in other education systems all over Europe, communication strategies, entrepreneurial education, how to stimulate the abilities of my students for business activities, the European programme for young entrepreneurs, and how different organizations can develop an inclusive and circular economy from a local point of view.” (Jesualdo Carcelén, Spain)
“After such an interesting and outstanding course I got benefits for my students, as an urgent change should be done in their preparation, benefits for school, as it needs to improve the relationship with factories in town, the town hall etc. It has been a great inspirational course.” (Maria-Cristina Chintescu, Romania)
“I liked very much the course. I acquired self-confidence. I am happy and I feel very strong. The course gave me confidence to tell people that the problems they have can be solved by themselves, because they can by themselves find solutions to them. It strengthens the personal responsibility feeling for my town. I know that when I go back, I will work with people with solid foundations for the knowledge that it works. I think that I will become a mentor in my community.” (Virginija Valikonyte, Lithuania)
“The knowledge that I gained during the course will be highly necessary in my professional activities. I also find amazing that in the Netherlands there are so many volunteers, young and old, this made me think about other qualities. I am thinking of doing more voluntary activities in my home town and encourage my students to do so as well. Thank you the course organisers for everything! I really appreciate and admire what you do!” (Aija Ieleja, Latvia) 

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Quarter Mediation
Quarter Mediation
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