Cyprus - The forty Dragons

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One of the chain course themes is how 'cultural heritage' and history are reflected in (forms of) art: poetry, fine arts, built environment, monuments etcetera. This theme is being elaborated in Cyprus, in cooperation with a Cypriot printing artist and a Cypriot poet. We will visit relevant places and pay attention to how these places come back in various forms of artistic expression.
The course participants will also be invited to practice these forms of art: printing, drama and poetry/literature. Within this context, general themes are:
* Symbols used by the various communities in Cyprus
* The various groups contributing to the Cypriot heritage: Greeks, Jews, Venetians, Crusaders, Ottomans, British
* The religious heritage
* The musical tradition
* Myth and reality
* Cultural heritage education and reconciliation

The title 'The forty dragons' reflects this theme, based on a series of prints by the Cypriot artist Hambis in which he expresses his homeland being invaded by an endless series of oppressors.

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