Town and Gown in Oxford

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'Town and Gown' stands for the traditional division in Oxford, UK, between the city and the university. On a wider sense the title stands for the mutual interaction and influences between the scientific world and the 'world outside the ivory tower'.
During this course we will experience these two aspects via various forms of theatre: writing, poetry, acting, singing. This will open the possibility to study the content in combination with active language learning and practicing. So CLIL will be a central aspect of this course.
The theme will also bring us to the historical and cultural backgrounds of the city and the university of this city. The rich literary heritage will be part of this.

Course organiser
Chain foundation
Oxford, United Kingdom
Arts, cultural studies, ethics, philosophy; Communication skills; History, social science, economics, geography; Literature, languages (incl. CLIL), classical languages
Key competences
Digital; Social and civic
Target audience
Teachers & school staff: primary level; Teachers & school staff: secondary level
500 Euro
Number of participants
Certification on completion


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