Shakespeare in Europe

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William Shakespeare's plays are 'connected' with many locations in Europe. In this course we will (1) experience a selection of plays via performing parts of them and (2) pay attention to the background and context of these plays. This way the plays will open a window to Shakespeare's own time and to the places/times in which he makes them take place.

* Method: The main methodological form will be drama/theatre. We will play part(s) of the plays, partly in our own (re)writing of texts. Embedded in this methodology we will pay attention to the following aspects:
* How to organise/create a play/drama/theatre?
* Drama as an educational tool: what happens in a group when they prepare a performance/perform (together)?
* Drama as the best form of CLIL (content language integrated learning)

* Video: at the same time the course will offer video training, using tablets and mobile phones. Performances will be filmed by the not-performing participants. In advance an on-line video course will be offered, using parts of the Vimeo video school. Video editing training will offered, using various editors (optional).

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