Listening to Istanbul

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The course title 'Listening to Istanbul' refers to a poem by the Turkish poet Orhan Veli. Based on the sounds he is hearing, 'intensely listing, his eyes closed' he describes the city, its present as well as its past. In this course the participants will learn how to discover the endlessly rich and multi-layered heritage of Istanbul this way, its sounds, smells, dialogues and curses, markets and harbours, people and buildings. The course will also introduce a way of experiencing a 'cultural environment' in such a sensitive way. Part of this is to articulate voices from the past representing these various layers.
* 'To the city' (Εις την πόλιν - Istanbul) - The form of this course is a theatre play, with the city of Istanbul as the stage. The participants will perform on suitable locations the various groups which have entered this 'stage' and have in this way contributed to its heritage.

Course organiser
Chain foundation
Istanbul, Turkey
Arts, cultural studies, ethics, philosophy; History, social science, economics, geography; Intercultural education, migration
Key competences
Digital; Social and civic
Target audience
Teachers & school staff: primary level; Teachers & school staff: secondary level
600 Euro
Number of participants
Certification on completion


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