Iceland - landscape and legends

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This Iceland course is the equivalent of the chain course 'In Search of the Sunset, the Azores'. Both parts of the 'European area' are located on the westernmost border of what we may call Europe. This Mid-Atlantic Ridge offers a fascinating view of an active volcanic landscape. In addition Iceland offers a view of Europe's 'Arctic border'.
The Icelandic Saga's deliver a rich contribution to the (northern) European literary heritage. During this course we will study and 'express' these old Icelandic saga's. Traveling along the western and northwestern coast of Iceland we will experience and study the landscape and use this as a backdrop to 'express' the saga's in various forms: theatre/drama, painting the backdrops (visual arts), singing etc. The full performance will be transferred into a video (using tablet computers).

Course organiser
Chain foundation
Reykjavik and other cities, Iceland
Arts, cultural studies, ethics, philosophy; History, social science, economics, geography
Key competences
Cultural expression; Digital; Social and civic
Target audience
Teachers & school staff: primary level; Teachers & school staff: secondary level
600 Euro
Number of participants
Certification on completion


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