Creativity in teaching and training & how to use music, art, ICT and outdoor activities in education

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The course “Creativity and innovation in teaching and training & How to use music, art, ICT and sport in education” is aimed to share good practice examples on how to use music, art (fine arts and performing arts), ICT and sport in the teaching and learning process, by combining these methods with the traditional (sometimes conservative) methods of teaching. The course is appropriate for teachers at any level, of any subject, head teachers, school inspectors, school counsellors, decision makers in the field of education, trainers.
The course “Creativity and innovation in teaching and training & How to use music, art, ICT and sport in education” will be organized in Assen, the Netherlands, in 7 days (42 hours). At request, people having a grant for 5 days can join only the first 5 days of the course. In case there are people having a grant for more than 7 days we have the possibility to extend the programme to maximum 10 days (depending on the number of people having more than 7 days granted).
For logistic and organisational reasons, all the participants will be accommodated in the same hotel chosen by the course organiser, the rooms will be booked by the course organiser and the participants will pay the equivalent amount by using the grant for individual costs received from their National Agencies.
All the participants in the training course will have breakfast and lunches together, in the same hotel where they are accommodated and where also the meeting rooms are located.
For the educational trips and visits each participant has to pay a fee of 50 Euro for the whole course, amount that will be paid by using the grant received from the NAs for organisational costs.
The course fee and the accommodation are to be paid by bank transfer, before the course starts, to a limit date established by the course organiser.
The organisational costs can be paid by bank transfer, before the course starts, or in cash in the first day of the course.

Feedback participants:
“I attended many courses in Europe, such as UK, Italy, but this course organized by Quarter Mediation was the most interesting I ever had. I learned many teaching methods and during the lessons I felt very good. I liked the way they used ICT in teaching and learning for increasing the students’ motivation to learn.” (Nicoleta S, Romania)
"I saw the progress of technology in the Netherlands in a concrete way, which gave me ideas of implementing the same thing in our country. As a school head teacher I can persuade the Ministry of Education in Turkey to implement similar projects in our city." (Osman O, Turkey)
"This course was a great experience for me! I learned a lot of interesting things and creative teaching methods. I felt like part of a family, because we worked in teams and every time there was another criterion for the formation of the teams; in this way we were able to discover each other and learning through cooperation. All the creative methods and techniques of teaching through music, art, ICT and sport in education, learned in this course, I will apply in my own work at the kindergarten. Also, I want to say “thank you” to our teachers Cristina and Tim, those who have been with us for 7 days and taught us so many beautiful and memorable things!" (Andrada Ciochină, Romania)

Course organiser
Quarter Mediation
Assen, Netherlands


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