Near to the Sea: Lisbon

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The theme Near to the Sea is based on the idea that Europe can be divided in many ways, one of which can be maritime/coastal vs. continental/inland Europe. This can be reflected in cultural heritage aspects: landscape, architecture, songs and poetry etc. During the course the subjects below will be studied on location (as example of more general aspects):
* Songs and literature - in addition to this special attention will be paid to the literary heritage and contributions from one of the ´lesser used´ European languages (especially Camoes, Fernando Pessoa, António Gedeão).
* A Sea-born empire: the Age of Discoveries as a motive in Portuguese Monuments and Literature (among else: Belem, Jeronimo, Camoes, Pessoa)
* Landscape and architecture (Sintra, Cabo de Roca)
* Orient (former world exhibition quarter): the sea in future oriented architecture

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Lisbon, Portugal


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