FCL Summer Academy: Enhancing creativity and innovation in my classroom

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Do schools kill or nurture creativity? How can schools help students to develop skills and attitudes combined with creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, imagination and inventiveness?

This course will lead the participants to reflect on how to nurture creativity in students and how to teach creatively. The course takes place in The Future Classroom Lab where the participants have the opportunity to experience and new tools, technologies and practices.

The course is designed to enhance the joy of learning. It is aimed at teachers who want to learn how to create innovative learning content and who want to network with like-minded peers. It is a course to empower teachers who want to take on an innovative mindset. Find out more at our website!

The exact course dates will be confirmed 3 months ahead.

Venue: All courses will be held at European Schoolnet's own training venue, the original Future Classroom Lab, a unique and inspiring learning environment in Brussels, which challenges visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design in their classrooms.

Target audience: This course is aimed at primary and secondary level teachers. Teacher educators and school leaders are also welcome to join the course. A good level of English is required.

Registration: The places are given on a first-come, first-served basis. The courses will run if there are a minimum of 15 participants in each. Each course will be confirmed 3 months ahead. Email fcl@eun.org to book and confirm your places!

Interested in our courses? For any questions you may have, please write an email to fcl@eun.org.

Looking for funding? See what funding opportunities Erasmus+ provides under "Key Action 1 - Mobility". For more information see the Programme Guide and information provided by your National Agency.

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European Schoolnet (EUN Partnership)
Brussels, Belgium

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