Social Web Solutions and Digital tools

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The course provides learners:
- new solutions for the modernization of curricula
- Digital Game-Based Learning methods to mprove Student's Success
- new and more effective teaching methods. Digital game-based learning (DGBL) and gamification bring similar gaming concepts to the classroom.
- ways of teaching traditional school matters through different activites including:
Digital Game Based Learning for delicate balance between in-class lessons and educational gameplay. Teachers introduce students to new concepts and show them how they work. Then students practice these concepts through digital games.
Gamification for taking elements from games — such as leaderboards, levels, or points — and adding them to lessons. The purpose of this is to make lessons that might not be enjoyable more engaging for students.
- tools for creation of audiovisual resources (photos, movies, music clips, documentaries, news and their own videos) becomes also a strong method to teach their subjects in a more effective way.
The use of above ressources are effective means to transmit knowledge, help students to absorb and retain ideas, and help in the development of communicative, critical, social and creative skills.

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