REFLexPLAYn - Reflection and Feedback as Part of the Educational Process, Tool for Developing Relationships, and a Source of Inspiration

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This is a course designed by teachers for teachers. Thanks to our school's experience with various innovative methods and the implementation of personal and social education, we have decided to create our own Erasmus Plus course.
Come and learn with us! Play and get inspired! Experience the unique professional environment of Škola da Vinci!

Reflection that is conducted properly can be a great source of inspiration. It can make teaching more effective and develop the relationship not only between you and your students, but also the relationships the students have among themselves. This course can become the starting point for your further (self)development and your work with the class.
The core of this dynamic course is play and its subsequent reflection. The course will provide you with a set of activities that are ready to use. You will first try them yourself and, thanks to your personal experience, will then be able to successfully implement them in your classes and adapt them to your goals and needs.
We use activities that have been proven to work. Activities that are full of fun and play. Activities that are innovative, effective, and easily applicable in the class.

The activities draw on the holistic approach and focus on students age 12 above, including adults, but can be easily adapted to younger students. The subject you teach is not important to the activities, as the approach can be used across various fields, including arts and humanities, natural and social sciences, as well as technical subjects.
The course is also suitable for other professionals working in the field of education, be it school psychologists or special education needs teachers. The activities can also be used when devising team building programmes.

- Learn to make use of reflection as a learning tool.
- Experience different types of reflections and how to adjust them to your goals and needs.
- Share examples of good practice.
The content of the course will also be adjusted to your specific needs.

The course takes place over the course of 6 days, starting on a Sunday, finishing on a Friday. The course includes 25 hours of teacher-training activities and a full-day excursion. NB: The schedule is subject to change.
- Sunday - 17-19 - introduction, informal meeting, getting to know you activities
- Monday - 9-16 - introduction to reflection and experiential learning - theoretical background, practical activities
- Tuesday - 9-16 - introduction to group dynamics, goal setting - theoretical background, practical activities (individual, group work)
- Wednesday - 9-15 - practical activities, sharing of examples of good practices, facilitating an activity and follow-up reflection
- Thursday - 9-20 - excursion to the historical city of Kutná Hora (UNESCO World Heritage Sight), evening in a traditional Czech restaurant (food not included in the fee)
- Friday - 9-15 - conclusion, final evaluation, certification

The course fee is 500 EUR and includes:
- teacher-training
- course materials
- coffee breaks (you can get lunch from our outstanding cafeteria for EUR 10)
- excursion to the historical city of Kutná Hora (World Heritage Site) - travel cost and tour guide (food not included)

The pre-registration is done via this link:

Sounds interesting? Learn more about the course by clicking on the website link on the right or by contacting Jana at jana.nemeckova(at) (Deputy head for international cooperation at Škola da Vinci)

Zuzka is a secondary school teacher at Škola da Vinci. She teaches Czech language and literature, history, and personal and social education. She employs the methods of experiential learning, as employed by Prázdninová škola Lipnice (Outward Bound Czech Republic). She has been a trainer in various courses for more than 15 years and has been receiving positive feedback on the courses she facilitated. Zuzka is a life-long learner and reflection is a part of not only her work life but also of her personal life as a mother of two. She loves challenges, dancing, music, sports, books, and coffee.
Markéta is a financial manager working for NGOs and a longstanding dance instructor. Her current field of interest is the interconnection of self-development and movement, as well as working with perceptions and feelings, and how to follow them. She has years of experience with facilitating group activities that cater for various individual needs. She loves to create, dance, and move, as well as work on self-development. Last but not least, she loves her son.
Zuzka and Markéta have repeatedly cooperated. The combination of Zuzka's creativity and Markéta’s analytical approach is a guarantee of a good quality course. They are looking forward to developing the individuality of each and every one of you. The two will be supported by Jana who will take care of the administrative issues and who is also your contact person.

Škola da Vinci is a private innovative school based on democratic principles. Our school was opened in 2010 and is located in the village of Dolní Břežany on the outskirts of Prague. The campus houses a kindergarten, primary and secondary school, and a school counselling centre.
In our school, a lot of attention is paid to student autonomy and independence in learning; internal motivation - of both students and teachers - is of greatest priority. Both students and teachers take part in the decision-making processes of the school. We focus on the development of soft skills, teamwork and leadership, as well as discussion skills, presentation skills, and research skills.

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Základní škola da Vinci
Základní škola da Vinci
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