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In today’s media-saturated society, we often find ourselves competing for students’ attention with the professionally crafted stories of popular book series, movie franchises, and video games.
How can we kindle our students’ interest without sacrificing the quality of our lessons in misguided efforts to make learning ‘fun’? What if we could foster deeper engagement with curriculum content, by turning students into creators rather than consumers of stories?
Creating Storyworlds – a concept familiar to novelists, screenwriters, and game designers– can provide a concrete and manageable structure for engaged learning in the classroom. In this course, participants acquire hands-on familiarity with designing elements of a storyworld and facilitating learning through story-building.
They also experience the role of students engaged in building stories together. Hands-on experience is complemented with reflection and planning, so that participants can consolidate their understanding and apply it to their specific context.
Storyworlds are easy to make and very versatile, as they can support a wide range of curriculum content, from language learning to history and science.
They enable inclusive learning activities that draw on diverse student abilities and foster 21st-century skills including critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, problem-solving, and dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty. They are particularly suitable for tackling complex topics, such as citizenship, inclusion, civic engagement, and environmental action.
Participants will get the most out of the course if they come prepared to work on specific topics from their own curriculum. This will allow them to bring home Storyworld units that are readily usable in their classrooms.

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Course category: Creativity and Soft Skills

Creativity and Soft Skills: By fostering critical thinking and communicative abilities, an educator can develop better relationships with students, colleagues, and students’ parents, thus obtaining higher learning outcomes. If you want to expand both your creative thinking and storytelling skills, you should check out our Creativity and Soft Skills courses. They can help you design stimulating activities which aim to promote entrepreneurship and collaboration among your students.

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