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An increasing number of schools has acknowledged the effectiveness of project work to better organize school and to support the achievement of learning goals.

However, managing a project involves many different aspects and teachers are not always aware how to make the best out of helpful, user-friendly tools, which are widely available nowadays to simplify project work.

If you are managing a project, you have to determine tasks, create a schedule, allocate resources, identify risks. How can you successfully track all those different aspects of a project?

Project management systems are there to help you.

Through project management systems, educationist can communicate and collaborate more effectively to improve the quality of learning activities and to make them more interactive and enjoyable.

In this course, participants will learn how to discuss education-related matters, share their knowledge, suggest ideas, and thus devise great strategies and solutions faster.

Participants will be involved in practical activities using project management tools, and will realise how they enable precise description of the diverse duties in a team, which makes the execution of the tasks consistent with the designed plan.

Attendees will also explore how the progress of projects can be tracked in order to successfully achieve project-specific objectives.

By the end of the course, participants will feel confident to exploit of the potential of project management systems to better connect, communicate and collaborate.

They will have devised effective ways to improve the standard of teaching, which promotes equal opportunities to learn, grow and excel for everybody.

Exploiting project management systems, they will have designed ready-to-use solutions which can lead to a successful culmination of work within their educational communities and classes.

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Course category: School Innovation

School Innovation: Both students’ needs and institutional demands nowadays change so quickly that is not always easy to keep up with the latest requirements. These courses provide school principals, managers, and teachers with new tools to face an ever-changing society. Our training courses about project management, entrepreneurship, team building, and mentoring will help you make the most of new trends in school administration. You also have the chance to get familiar with the most interesting educational systems in Europe, such as the German VET system, the Finnish school system, or the Italian preschool education. Finally, you can also explore innovative methodologies to foster a more creative and inclusive school environment.

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Europass Teacher Academy - France
Europass Teacher Academy - France
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