Erasmus+: Train the Trainer (CZ)

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This programme provides practical help to enable participants to grasp the mindset of an expert trainer. Appreciating the ‘inner game’ of beliefs and values is crucial when designing and running a training program. The course also covers six skill sets that are essential to facilitating dynamic and powerful training events.
Specific objectives of the seminar are:
- Provide an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a “good trainer”
- Raise awareness of supportive and limiting beliefs and how they affect performance
- Build the participants’ awareness of their own beliefs related to being a trainer
- Build the participants’ awareness of their own strengths
- Raise trainers’ ability to create a supportive learning environment
- Introduce mind expansion techniques to tap into the creative force of the mind
- Provide techniques for identifying and handling unrealistic expectations both from oneself and others
- Provide tools for trainers’ optimal self-care
- Provide techniques for improved trainer-learners communication
- Enhance confidence in the participants
- Expand the paradigm of a trainer and hence allow the participants to engage in new creative ways of teaching
- Provide an opportunity to give and receive feedback from other participants

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DOREA Educational Institute
Prague, Czech Republic

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19.09.2022 > 23.09.2022
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DOREA Educational Institute
DOREA Educational Institute
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