ERASMUS+: Towards E-learning: Online Course Development (EL))

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The training course will cover the basic elements needed to design and create a successful online learning course – from generating ideas, discussing tools needed, to the final creation of an online course. The course as well will introduce the advantages and challenges of teaching in the online environment, assess the online course and students’ development and much more.

Specific objectives of the training are:

- Raise awareness of technological development in teaching and learning
- Improve the participants’ personal and professional skills in teaching in an online learning environment
- Improve the participant’s knowledge about online course development
- Provide skills and tools to incorporate online courses in educator’s everyday teaching
- Help the participants to identify the most suitable approaches in the use of online learning courses
- Create a cross-cultural environment to discuss and exchange ideas with colleagues
Improve communication and social skills
Improve English language skills

Course organiser
DOREA Educational Institute
Athens, Greece

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24.07.2023 > 28.07.2023
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