Bid Writing and Project Design for Successful European Projects

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Participants will have the opportunity to develop their own projects and work with the course deliverers to learn the skills to create their own successful funding application for EU programmes.

The programme will consist of interactive thinking processes, focussed on learning by doing, working with course participants to extract the essential details that are relevant and unique to your organisation.

Practical skills sessions will include: setting aims, defining outputs and outcomes, SMART objectives, creating an expert partnership, structuring the timetable,, building in an evaluation, understanding requirements of project management and
audit requirements, dissemination and impact.

The course will encourage active learning and will encourage continuous participation by all participants in sharing experience and knowledge. Participants will meet and cooperate with colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, engage in cross-cultural learning in action experiences.

This will be an interactive, fun and engaging programme that will provide creative skills, real project activities and practical resources to enable participants to develop their institution and their own ambitions for the future.


Registration and introduction to the programme
Welcome, icebreaking
Group dynamics around personal and organisational ambitions:
why are you here? Why do you write a bid – what do you want?
Setting aims and objectives – why we don’t let the tail wag the dog
Understanding funding objectives and priorities whilst not
compromising your ambitions and core values
Understanding your social and economic environment to include
local, national and European priorities – what are your challenges
and opportunities


Opening with mindfulness programme
Who are you? – demonstrating reliability, experience
Demonstrating the need – defining this building on day 1
Why your project application will work – what challenge or issue
are you going to solve or address?
Why your unique approach will work


Opening with mindfulness programme
Delivery mechanisms and practical tools for success
Project management tools – e.g. SMART targets, GANTT charts,
software programme
Outcomes and Outputs – what are the differences and what are
PM – Outdoor learning opportunity in Tenerife – continue with


Opening with mindfulness programme
Measuring impact and evaluation – what do you need to think
about at application stage and project duration
Dissemination and sustainability
Project-based learning methodology


Opening with mindfulness programme
10 minute presentation of projects by each team with useful
feedback from peers
Bid writer secrets – top tips and secrets for success
What’s next

Course organiser
FU International Academy Tenerife
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

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