Time Management with outdoor activities in Tenerife

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With well-developed time management skills, you tend to be more successful across all fields of life: work, school, or home.

This course deals with the essence of time management, as well as related topics such as setting personal goals, prioritizing, mindfulness, self-motivation, and saying "no" to tasks as well as physical activities that assist in building resilience.

As a result, you will start feeling more in control, with the confidence to choose how to best use your time, achieve more, and develop a better professional reputation. And by feeling happier, more relaxed, and better able to think, you are in a great place to help others reach their targets, too. Tools and techniques acquired at the workshop can be implemented at work to create healthy routines and develop trustful relationships with colleagues.

The acquired tools and techniques can be further implemented at work with children or colleagues to create healthy routines and build trustful relationships.
This course combines the classroom theory in the morning and practical modules in beautiful outdoor places in the afternoon.

Skills and Competences:
-> Theoretical & practical knowledge in time-management tools and techniques
-> Better time management
-> Building better habits to achieve your goals
-> Increase of accountability, productivity and motivation
-> Stress reduction
-> Better self-understanding and personal development
-> Development of communication & soft skills

Detailed program of the 1 week training period:

The classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday from 9 AM till 3 PM. This means that you will still have a lot of time to discover Tenerife after our intensive training.
The course is held in English.

Daily Program

• Welcome speech
• Introduction and course overview
• Individual expectations and goals
• Breakfast in the FU café
• “What is time management?” Definition and components
• Common time-management mistakes
• Benefits of good time management
• How to be more organised
• Outdoor activity: practicing self-regulation techniques.

• Personal goal setting
• Prioritisation techniques
• Managing interruptions
• Beating procrastination
• Increasing focus via mindfulness
• Outdoor activity: mindful walking through Puerto de la Cruz.

• Effective scheduling
• Avoiding multitasking
• Managing emails effectively
• Saying “no” to the task
• Timeboxing
• Outdoor activity: picnic and discussion on self-discipline

• Dealing with unpunctuality
• How to get more done in less time
• Dealing with difficult people
• Working from home
• Energising yourself
• Team building exercise: the art of concise conversations

• Outdoor activity: Pilates on the beach – a workout for body and mind
• Building an organisational system
• Getting into the flow
• Wrap-up of the course
• Diploma awarding

Course organiser
FU International Academy Tenerife
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

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