Erasmus+: Anti-Bullying - School Strategies towards Success (ES)

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This course aims to equip teachers, trainers and administrative staff of the schools with the essential skills, knowledge and competencies required for tackling the bullying phenomenon using a holistic approach. One of the main objectives is the practical introduction to the ENABLE programme and its implementation guidelines, through non-formal learning, group discussions, role-plays, etc.

By the end of the course participants will:

- Identify the bullying cases
- React accordingly to the situation
- Identify strategies that will change the dynamic and move the situation forward
- Understand what works and how to adapt strategies to move towards success
- Create a positive climate in the classroom and school using the holistic approach of peers, parents, teachers.
- Use the tools of the ENABLE programme and the knowledge acquired to prevent and deal with bullying cases.

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DOREA Educational Institute
Porto, Portugal

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DOREA Educational Institute
DOREA Educational Institute
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