Teaching Lexically - Methodology Refresher

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All our summer courses this year will be run at London Metropolitan University, Holloway Road campus, just 10 minutes by tube into Central London.

There is an additional 110 euro registration fee that covers all admin, materials, and currency conversion costs. The afternoon cultural visits are generally free but there may be additional costs for example for theatre tickets etc. The cultural visits are not part of the course hours and are entirely optional.

Course Outline
Our Teaching Lexically course is led by Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley authors of Teaching Lexically by Delta Publishing. The course offers you the opportunity to take a fresh look at all areas of your teaching, with teenagers and adults from principles of how language works to what and how you teach. It may completely revolutionise your classroom or it may just give you support and new ideas about the way you are teaching already. A stimulating, practical course based on a love of language and teaching and two weeks of lovely London in the summer. What more could you want from a training course?

All participants will receive a questionnaire before the course to explain their teaching background and interests regarding the course. Based on this there may be some variations to content and timetable.

Principles of teaching and learning
A lexical view of language
Examples and teaching questions
Lesson demonstrations
Considering outcomes
Teaching speaking Lexically
Using students language
Teaching vocabulary lexically
Teaching grammar lexically
Highlighting language and patterns
Choosing language to teach
Analysing texts for language
Teaching reading lexically
Teaching listening lexically
Teaching writing lexically

After this course you will:
• be clearer on your principles of learning and teaching
• understand a lexical view of language better
• be better able to analyse texts for language
• be better at asking language-focused questions
• be able to anticipate language and correct students better
• have new strategies for developing students’ skills
• be able to use students own knowledge to develop language and engage them in their learning

Check it’s the course for you:
I am a teacher of English with B2 level with some experience of classroom teaching.
I want to refresh and develop my methodology through learning about a lexical approach.
I want to learn some tasks and techniques I can use in my daily classes to engage students.

If it’s not for you:
I am more interested in developing my English – try English Boost or Advanced Culture and Language.
I want something less general – try Better Testing and Assessment, Teaching Listening Better or Developing Materials.
I am more interested in dealing with teenagers - try Teaching Teens
I mainly teach primary. This course may not be the best for you. - consider doing either our English Boost course for language development.

For more about their approach you might want to look at: www.lexicallab.com or http://www.londonlanguagelab.com/the-lll-way/

Course organiser
Lexical Lab
London, United Kingdom

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29.06.2020 > 11.07.2020 (Confirmed)
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Attended 02.07.2018 - 13.07.2018

Deciding to attend two Lexical Lab courses last summer was the best choice I could have made. I met Hugh at a conference in Prague and hearing him talk about teaching in context just made me feel like I would like to know more. Both courses I attended, Teaching Lexically with Hugh and Andrew and Better Testing and Assessment with Zeynep, certainly helped me develop as a teacher. In addition to it, there is a great social programme and London being London at the top of it… And if you are lucky enough (as we certainly were last summer), you will meet many wonderful people on the course as well. So as far as I am concerned, I can hardly imagine a better summer school for teachers to attend to 😊 As for Teaching Lexically, I am really fond of the whole methodogy and I believe that if all the teachers focused more on teaching language in context, the life of our students would certainly be far easier. So if you are not into traditional books and feel like your lessons need some refreshment, investing your money and time in this course is the best thing you can do :-)

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Attended 03.07.2017 - 14.07.2017

The Teaching Lexically course I took with the Lexical Lab was just great! Firstly, it was packed with information and practical ideas, much more than I’d expected. The sessions contained a lot of input and also opportunities for discussion and sharing experiences with peer teachers. The structure of the course (it first looks at teaching language systems and then skills with the Teaching Lexically approach) made it easy to follow the concepts the trainers were introducing. Secondly, the information in the course was really well organised: all course materials like handouts and presentations are easily accessible through a nice online platform, along with additional opportunities for extra reading on the subject of sessions. Finally, the sessions were really enjoyable because both Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley are very professional and knowledgeable. In addition, I was really impressed by the cultural programme offered by the Lexical Lab. It was absolutely brilliant and allowed me to understand London and life there a bit better – I would clearly be not able to learn and see that simply by visiting sights on London on my own. Hugh and Andrew planned a really varied set of trips to different areas in London talking to us about everyday life of Londoners, city myths, historical places, politics, culture, art, social policies and many other exciting things 😃 Clearly, I do recommend this course to teachers looking for quality teacher training along the Lexical Approach, improving their language skills and learning more about British culture.

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Attended 03.07.2017 - 14.07.2017

I'd like to say many thanks to Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley for such an amazing course I've completed recently in Lexical Lab summer school in London. From the very first day I applied for the course they kept in touch and were really helpful replying promptly to everything that worried me, as well as recommended a perfect place to stay. I found the course really practical and full of helpful tips. It covered all the aspects of teaching English and we also had a chance to try and come up with our own ideas of implementing the tips right in the class which then were discussed and after that our teachers shared possible options of working with listening, reading or whatever we were talking about with us. What's more, we could experience how it works as we were often suggested to do the activities with each other. I'm really looking forward to the new academic year to implement the knowledge I got at my classes. I must admit the course was absolutely inspiring and I took a fresh look at teaching. As for the social and cultural events during the course I didn't expect them be so fascinating. I discovered absolutely different London which I probably wouldn't be able do on my own. And it was much more fun with the classmates :) I would definitely recommed the course and the school to everyone both teachers and those who want to improve their language. I wish I could come again for the English Boost course one day. Hope to be able to cope with that dreadful jetlag next time, but it was absolutely worth it :)

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Lexical Lab
Lexical Lab
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