Using Technology in the Classroom

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This course enables participants to implement digital technologies in their practices of teaching,
learning and assessment. This course will prepare participants to work effectively with various
ICT tools; applications and web platforms as students are already growing up with these tools
and using them in their everyday lives.
The course focuses on how you can apply information and communication technology in the
classroom to boost motivation and creativity. Many teachers are not aware of how many
opportunities a digital classroom offers them. Do you already use Socrative or Padlet? How about
Khan Academy or Edmodo? Have you ever thought about benefits of using Social Media or using
mobile phones as educational tools? Gain knowledge of tools that you can easily apply in your
classroom. What is most important, students are much more engaged in digital classrooms than
in ordinary ones!
Specifically, using technology in the classroom makes teaching languages and students with
special needs much easier as well. Integrate project based learning and develop critical thinking,
make your teaching fin, interesting and different. Be the teacher you wanted to have when you
were young!
Learning outcomes:
- Learn how to take your classroom from the traditional to the digital age, without changing the
- Gain new inspiration for applying digital technology in the classroom
- Practice how to make higher level presentations
- Integrate interactive digital quizzes and games
- Benefit from online resources for every subject
- Learn how to use the method of blended learning and flipped classroom
Grow and develop professionally in an international environment, network, build strong
relationships with your colleagues from all over Europe, and explore amazing culture and
nature in Croatia’s beautiful city of Split.

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Erasmus+ Courses Croatia
Split, Croatia

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