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INTERNATIONAL STUDY PROGRAMMES has 20 years' experience in arranging CLIL teacher development courses. Our CLIL teacher trainers are leading experts in Content and Language Integrated Learning.

INTERNATIONAL STUDY PROGRAMMES has 35 years' experience in organising teacher development courses for European Ministries of Education, teacher-training institutes and schools and has a well-founded reputation for providing quality courses.

INTERNATIONAL STUDY PROGRAMMES is an experienced provider of EU funded programmes in the UK. As a course provider with many courses in the Comenius/ Grundtvig Database, ISP has successfully arranged many courses for thousands of European teachers.

INTERNATIONAL STUDY PROGRAMMES offers an unusually wide variety of teacher development courses, not only for teachers of English and CLIL but also for teachers of other subjects including science, music, art and drama as well as for headteachers and inspectors, in numerous locations in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Each course is designed to meet the training needs of specific types of teachers.

INTERNATIONAL STUDY PROGRAMMES’ team of teacher trainers includes highly respected trainers such as Graham Workman and Dr Diana Hicks (author of ‘Cambridge English for Schools’ and ‘Cambridge Primary Colours’).


This course is designed to help teachers of English to meet the needs of pupils with a range of abilities within one class.

It includes:

1. Practical Methodology Workshops on English Language Teaching in an Inclusive Classroom conducted by expert teacher trainers with many years of experience in training European teachers of English and a wealth of exciting ideas to impart.

As more pupils with an increasing range of special needs are included in mainstream classes, heterogeneity has become a greater challenge for teachers.

In many cases teachers are neither trained to be foreign language teachers nor trained to meet the variety of special needs presented on a daily basis.

The workshop will try to offer help to answer the following questions:
What does inclusion mean? And, more importantly, how can we make it work in our classrooms?
Which activities can work across a range of abilities and proficiencies?
How can we meet the needs of all the pupils in large classes?
What are the principles of English Language Teaching and how can we adapt them for inclusive language classes?
How can teachers change their textbook guided teaching without investing too much time and effort to create scaffolded tasks for all pupils?
What does it mean to create competence oriented tasks?

In this workshop we will provide background ideas linked to a very wide range of practical work, suitable for many special needs pupils, which can be easily transferred into all levels of every day school life.

2. Lecture & discussion on the English Education System including the integration of pupils with special educational needs.

3. Educational visit to: Winchester.

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