Educational Management in Institutes for child of 1-6 years

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The Course looks forward to build professionals that:
- Know how to INSTRUCT TEACHERS in the area of education and infancy services
- Know how to HANDLE FORMATIVE COURSES addressed to teachers, experts and managers who work in the educational and infancy area.
Course’s Goals
•Develop scientific skills in the education area
•Develop knowledge, skills that will allow them to sketch, run and appraise plans programs and psychological strategies within an evolving educational context, by considering environment needs and country’s socio educational reality;
•Manage and organize the service for the staff
•Promote formation of infancy schools’ network linked by the same formative and methodological path in order to create a social and formative community.
•Build managers with scientific skills in the Education area in order to develop knowledge and skills that would allow him to sketch, run and evaluate plans, programs and pedagogy strategies within the evolving social context
•Identify the needs of users and people who work in the educational institutions;
•Optimize available resources according to analysis of educational service quality of the educational institution;
•Improve quality of educational service.

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ROMA, Italy

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