21st-century skills for primary teachers

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This relaxing and beneficial week-long course will predominantly look at developing the teacher’s ability to manage the learning context within the reality of the modern primary school classroom. The course will focus on raising their own awareness – and consequently that of their learners - within four main areas: critical analysis, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Over the week we will work on areas such as an understanding of how to teach empathy, how to build rapport, adapt and improve relevant course content, as well as facilitating decision making towards creating a warm and healthy learning environment.
By the end of this course – through a range of engaging practical activities and informed theoretical study – the trainees will come away feeling much more enlightened, and with many new and immediately hands-on ideas and useable approaches towards their management of classroom dynamics.
Trainees will also have discussed, experienced, and gained many new insights especially in terms of empowering their students to feel more confident in their own abilities, to be constructively self critical, and to be more conscientious to those around them.
By giving their pupils a fresh and positive sense of autonomy towards their own learning, as well as raising awareness to their own capabilities and of those of the fellow pupils, the trainees will be better prepared to enable their students to then carry these new and fundamental skills forward with them into the crucial formative years to come.

Learning outcomes:
- feeling more confident in adapting materials for their students;
- having a large number of engaging and flexible activities ready to be used in their classes;
- awareness on how to recognise, manage, and deal with classroom dynamics more efficiently;
- trainees will also feel more comfortable using creativity, getting students to collaborate, and facilitating their learners’ autonomy.
- a better understanding of own classroom decision-making, a better awareness of how to identify and nurture students’ individual abilities, and how such things positively influence and affect the learning environment.
Dates: 1st – 7th August 2022
Venue: https://teachertrainingcentre.com/
Get in touch with us: projects@thebridge.sk, +421 905 795 966

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The Bridge
Zaježová, Slovakia

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The Bridge
The Bridge
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