ERASMUS+: ICT for Educators (GR)

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In response to rapid changes in technology and methodologies of teaching tools, there is a need for radical change to take place for ICT to be fully exploited in teaching and learning. As stated in “Survey of schools: ICT in Education” teachers still believe that insufficient ICT equipment is the biggest obstacle to ICT use in many countries. However, teacher training in ICT is rarely compulsory and most teachers devote spare time to private study. Thus this 5 days training course is focused to provide the most important information and hands-on practical tools that are needed for educators.

Specific objectives of the training are:

- Raise awareness of technological development in teaching and learning
- Introduce overview of European policy in ICT use in education
- Improve the participants’ personal and professional skills in teaching
- Provide skills and tools to incorporate ICT in educator’s everyday teaching
- Enhance the participant’s ability to adapt to changes
- Help the participants to identify the most suitable approaches in the use of ICT
- Create a cross-cultural environment to discuss and exchange ideas with colleagues

Course organiser
DOREA Educational Institute
Athens, Greece

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12.06.2023 > 16.06.2023
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07.08.2023 > 11.08.2023
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