DUBROVNIK — Happy Teachers make Great Students: The Psychology of Teaching

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7-DAY COURSE (560€)

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Our unique, engaging course endeavors to inspire teachers to incorporate optimism, positive feelings and resilience into their classroom.


- We will focus on building teachers’ character strengths which will in turn enhance students’ personalities and prepare them for self-assurance and leadership.
- Mindfulness will be used to make happier teachers who live in the ‘now’ and are willing to use breathing techniques to reduce bullying and fear of test taking among their students.
- Drama will be introduced to stimulate the atmosphere in the classroom and motivate both the teacher and the learners to actively engage in the learning process.
- Teachers’ own creativity will be challenged to help them build a positive crassroom atmosphere where students think outside the box and don’t shy away from challenges.
- Game-based learning will be emphasized to make teaching exciting and further develop students’ skills and their sense of leadership and togetherness.

What makes a good teacher great? A simple smile.

This course will delve into the positive characteristics of the 21st century teacher and the ways to make the classroom experience truly engaging and stimulating. Featuring outdoor activities, character-enhancing exercises and the most amazing location in the world — the city of Dubrovnik, the jewel in the crown of Croatia.

Erasmus courses Croatia

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Erasmus+ Courses Croatia
Erasmus+ Courses Croatia
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