Effective Classroom Management for Teachers 5-DAY

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This course is only available to closed groups of 8 or more persons and can be run on any date to suit your closed group.

Effective classroom management is invaluable for all teachers as it helps them to establish and maintain excellent working relationships with their students in an organised, safe and engaging learning environment.

The subject of classroom management itself is indeed vast, varied and convoluted but we aim to equip you, during our bespoke course, with the tools needed to cover some of the most important aspects of it, building on your existing knowledge and allowing you to work, share and develop ideas with other practitioners.

We have included practical and academic elements within our classroom management sessions to meet the needs of all good educators who wish to motivate, praise and discipline their students effectively.

You will find your laptop and/or tablet device useful when attending this course.

Day 1 - Rationale & Rules

Day 2 - The Good, The Bad & The Snugly

Day 3 - Planning & Preparation

Day 4 - Differentiation and Different Ideas

Day 5 - The Teacher & Summing Up

To view the full course programme please contact our student advisor and request our "Alpha School Teacher and Staff Training Course" brochure.

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