Maths & Moves: teach mathematics through movement (STEAM education)

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Nowadays more and more students are struggling in math and have difficulties to comprehend and put in practice what they learn, the need of an inclusive, kinesthetic and engaging way of teaching is emerging.

Maths & Moves is a 6-day course and it is designed with the aim of introducing the learning of math as a whole body -rather than just brain- involved experience. This is the 3rd edition of the course.

The training is grounded in embodied cognition which proves that learning depends on the body as well as the brain (Robbins and Aydede, 2009). With embodied activities, the whole body is involved in the learning process instead of keeping it just in an intellectual level.

Using Maths & Moves in the educational practice, enable students’ experiential participation and gaining a deeper understanding of mathematics. Embodied activities attract their interest, while making the learning fun and effective both for teachers and learners.

Maths & Moves provides a dynamic learning environment. There you have the chance to fully experience embodied activities, movement techniques, coaching tools and create your own Maths & Moves KIT.

The mathematical topics that we will approach are:
‣ Spatial thinking and Shapes
‣ Symmetry & Patterns
‣ Least Common Multiple & Arithmetic progressions
‣ Equations & Graphs
‣ Positive & Negative Numbers

The training is based on our 3 core principles:

⁌ LEARNING BY DOING actively involves everyone in the learning process. It’s fun and inclusive.
⁌ LEARNING BY BEING takes place when learners physically represent math concepts. It’s engaging and effective.
⁌ LEARNING BY MOVING, because we are kinesthetic beings and we learn deeper through movement. It's attarctive and inclusive.

The training will be led by experienced trainers, mathematicians and body movement experts.

What the teachers say
In a survey we conducted for teachers, math educators and STEAM experts who have participated in the Maths & Moves sessions:
• 100% increased their job satisfaction while teaching maths through movement
• 87% addressed underachievement in maths, especially when dealing with learners with different learning styles
• 93% enriched their professional expertise by new innovative and inclusive approach
• 93% rated highly their abilities to bring variety in their teaching/training style, so all kind of learners to develop creative and inclusive didactic skills
• 79% deepened their own mathematical knowledge, because of working with movement and
• 93% boosted motivation for teaching maths with movement

Maths and movement
For the last 2 years Olde Vechte is also running Maths in Motion project. A strategic partnership that brought together teachers, dancers and relevant stakeholders from all over Europe.

Wanna test it in your class?
Get access on FREE educational material (modules, activities) here:

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This training is for

• Primary education teachers
• Primary education staff members
• Educational institute staff

After the training you will
-Be confident to use an embodied method in maths
- Be able to put straight in practice tools and modules of your own creation
- Boost your motivation for teaching and create more satisfaction in your everyday work
- Keep your professional practice up-to-date, effective and stimulating
- Gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts
- Get involved in international activities and broaden your professional network

The training takes place in Ommen, the Netherlands and is organized in and around the group accommodation of Olde Vechte Foundation, in the building called Olde Vechte.
In the house there are 12 sleeping rooms that can be occupied by 1 to 3 people and the showers and toilets are common on the ground floor. There is a training room and places for recreation. There is a Wi-Fi connection and a washing machine and a dryer that you can use.
The accommodation is located within a walking distance from Ommen city centre (approx. 500 m). We will send you more information about how to get there and what to bring with you after your application form is approved. You can find more information in the accommodation page.

The training course is given in simple and easy to understand English. Translation can also be provided if you inform when you submit your registration form.

How to apply
If you wish to apply, fill in the pre-registration form here:
We will confirm you that we received your application within 2 working days.

Financial support programme
If you are a school staff member and you are interested to participate, your school can apply for Erasmus+ KA1 school staff mobility funds and cover your expenses. You cannot apply directly for a grant as an individual.
We are here to assist you free of charge throughout the whole application procedure by guiding you through documentation, recommend you on the content and much more. Let us know in your application that you want guidance and we will contact you for further information.

Course organiser
Olde Vechte Foundation
Ommen, Netherlands

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