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All our summer courses this year will be run at London Metropolitan University, Holloway Road campus, just 10 minutes by tube into Central London.

Course Outline
Do you feel you English has gone a bit rusty? Feel you don’t have enough confidence in your speaking? Well, English Boost is here for you. Our course includes 25 teaching hours a week including a range of tours and activities to keep you highly engaged and talking. You will also get better at different types of talk including chat, storytelling and short presentations.

Each course is unique because we offer you a list of topics to choose from before you arrive and work with you on the course to follow the class’s interests. We also select and use our own Lexical Lab material rather than placing you in a class with students following a coursebook. This means that you are sure to meet a wide range of vocabulary and grammar. And, of course, central to our approach is that we teach the language you are trying to say and make sure you revise and learn it.

Currently available at B1 and B2 levels. 25 lessons per week with 20 lesson in the classroom and a minimum of 5 hours of cultural visits and learning with your teacher around London.

We will provide a questionnaire for participants before they arrive to express preferences or make requests which we will try to incorporate into the course if possible and where there is agreement between participants. This means specific content will vary from course to course. Some topics you might talk about:

Places and sights
Holidays and Travel
Food and restaurants
Nights out
Free time and hobbies
Film and TV
Books and Stories
Art and museums
Your society
Politics and economy
Things in the news
Crime and Law
Work in general
My job
Typical chat
London and UK
My culture
Education and learning
Dealing with problems

By the end of the course you will have:
• have learnt lots of useful language for conversation
• gained confidence in speaking and listening
• discussed a variety of topics
• got to know London

For details of timetable contact either

Course organiser
Lexical Lab
London, United Kingdom

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