English Language Improvement for Teachers - Pilgrims

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Teachers who work in non-English speaking countries often find they 'lose touch' with what is appropriate in English or with new
developments in the language. They also enjoy and benefit from a ‘brush-up’ of their English in an English speaking environment.
The course is of a highly practical and participatory nature. You will be engaged in and challenged by a variety of fruitful activities.
Although principally a language improvement course, many of the approaches you experience on this course will benefit your own
Programme of the training activities
• Revisiting and building up lexical & grammatical areas, especially those which cause difficulties
• Work on English phonology including sounds, stress, rhythm and intonation
• A look at socio-cultural aspects of English and how changes in culture influence changes in the language
• Studying English through authentic materials, e.g. newspaper articles, TV programmes, etc.
• Using online resources
• Building confidence in listening to spoken English, including a wide variety of accents
• Building fluency and confidence in spoken English
• Learning aspects of English that are traditionally "untaught"
• ‘Language clinic’ in which you can ask questions and have your mistakes corrected
• Projects in the English-speaking environment (if the group wishes to do so)

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Canterbury, United Kingdom

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