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This course aims at developing teachers’ fluency and accuracy in the English language. It also takes a multidisciplinary approach to understand CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology and introduces participants to how the theory can relate to their own classroom practice. Includes CLIL lesson planning, resources, and the creation of materials.

The Intensive English Course and CLIL address teachers of all subjects who would like to refresh and broaden their skills in the English language, implement CLIL methodology in their classes, understand its principles and applications, and find resources and lesson materials.

By the end of the course, participants will feel more confident in speaking and writing in English. They will have also learned the key principle of CLIL lesson planning, material development, and the integration of content and language teaching.

Suggested English Proficiency Level: ADVANCED

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Course category: Languages and CLIL

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Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

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The course Intensive English Language and CLIL for teachers aims at developing teachers’ fluency and accuracy in the English language. The participants will improve their English language proficiency and they will become more comfortable with teaching their courses in English to non-native speakers of English. They will learn techniques and skills for teaching their academic content in English and become better equipped to incorporate activities that involve the four basic skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) into their classrooms. They will gain new ideas and approaches for assessing learners, correcting errors and including more pair and group work. Le cours a été très enrichissant, et la professeure très professionnelle, à l'écoute, bienveillante.

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It was a very valuable course for me- I developed my English language skills as well as learned a lot about CLIL.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
Rating: 4/545 users


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