Prague - a European Story

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Prague is a centrally located European city, a meeting point of many influences. In various periods the city was a focus of fundamental developments: the Great Migrations, the Holy Roman Empire, the early Reformation and the Thirty Years War, the Industrial Revolution and the 19th c. Romantic-Nationalist Revival, WWI and the break-down and division of the multi-national Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the rise and expansion of National Socialism in Europe leading to WWII, with the Sovjet Domination and Iron Curtain as its aftermath. The attempts to humanise this system in the Prague Spring and - later - successful Velvet Revolution.
Walking around in Prague offers a permanent encounter with such developments. Endless are the architectural, literary and visual art traces left behind by the people involved.
In this course we will bring these witnesses to life and make them speak in theatre and songs, in their own words as well as texts inspired by them, but created by ourselves. This way we will perform A European Story on the stage of this City of Hundred Spires.

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