Language, Life and Culture in the UK Today OXFORD (1-week course)

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This course is for people teaching English or using English for communication at work in a wide range of situations. The Lake School of English in Oxford has over 25 years’ experience offering courses on best practice and innovation in English language teaching.

The course explores the relationship between language and culture. Participants update their English and improve their cultural understanding in the context of society in the UK today. Also included is a social and cultural activity programme.

Participants experience a dynamic, inspiring style of teaching and receive personal attention from friendly, approachable and experienced trainers who integrate a wide range of online and off-line resources to create a stimulating, professional and supportive learning environment.

The Lake School PIC number is: 945960006.

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English in Oxford at the Lake School
Oxford, United Kingdom

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Attended 02.09.2019 - 06.09.2019

The course was well-designed and focused on all major areas of language where advanced students have problems. We were lucky we had Sian, an experienced teacher aware of cultural and language differences among us. She adapted what was originally in the programme to what we needed to work on and to our interests. Also pointed out the group dynamics and methodology at some points, as we were mostly teachers, and chose a variety of activities which we might use in our classroom. The only regret is there was not a chance to see Cotswolds even though we were so close to lovely villages which appear in TV series. I would suggest to add a weekend programme especially on this course, which includes lifestyle and culture. I strongly reccommend this course, we enjoyed it so much!

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Attended 22.07.2019 - 26.07.2019

As part of our Erasmus program we spent a Week in Oxford and attended the session on life , language and culture in the UK today in August 2019. We had a blast with our teacher Sian. The content of our session was well chosen. A good way to update your language skills and culture. The activities were very different and proposed in a very dynamic way. Oxford was also a perfect place to stay for a Week. I would strongly recommend this course.

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Attended 13.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

The curriculum on the course consisted of the English language (pronunciation, prosody, collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs, binomials, the history and development of English, (in)formality, novel vocabulary), life in the UK/ UK society (UK facts quiz, news, institutions, education system, British manners, different geographical areas, meal times, social stratification), and culture (multiculturalism, current art scene, popular culture such as TV, music). The topics were covered by our teacher S. T. in a captivating way, using fascinating presenting tools. While elaborating on the topics, a lot of activities with peer students were included. Our group brought together five-six different nationalities (depending on your way of defining nationality), and we truly enjoyed the company of each other and bonded in this short period of five days. The course program also offered first-hand experiences: guided walks in Oxford on location: Oxford city centre and Christ Church College, lead by our brilliant guide R. An optional visit was arranged to Blenheim Palace in Woodstock in the Cotswolds. Top-notch!

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English in Oxford at the Lake School
English in Oxford at the Lake School
Rating: 5/585 users


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