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Alert! Planet Earth in danger! Climate is changing fast and human population is using Earth resources faster and faster. Luckily, attitudes around the world are changing and schools have to be more and more involved.

This course will give you some ideas and classroom skills how to teach sustainability development ans sustainable way of life in school and how school can show good example for children and teenagers in curriculum.

During the course week participants will learn how to activate pupils or students every way taking care of nature and environmental issues in every day life. Participant will also learn how to develope his/her classroom skills with environmental and sustainability issues and what kind of things are possible in school life and curriculum.

Participants learn also develope their professional English skills and learn and get ideas from each others. They will also get new collegues from all over the Europe and they can start to think example new projects.

Target group: kindergarten, primary, every kind of secondary subject teachers, headteachers/principals, teacher-trainers, councilors/elected members, special teachers, vocational teachers, experts, politicians, school assistants or stake holders

Themes of education week:
- Sustainability, how we understand it at schools
- Environmental issues, teaching methods for different age groups
- Sharing curricula and pedagogy of participants
- Finnish and participant education system and sustainability issues in it
- School every day life as example about sustainability
- Carbon footprint at school
- World wide sustainability programmes (Green flag etc.)
- Sustainable and healthy school lunch

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Saint-François, Guadeloupe (Caribbean), France

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