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There has been a growing awareness among the many European Member States that educators at all levels need a set of digital competencies specific to their profession that enables them to seize the potential of digital technologies for enhancing and innovating education. Professional digital competence for educators is not the same as general technology users. Even if someone is technically savvy, it doesn’t necessarily make them digitally competent educators. A different digital skillset is needed for professional educators.

This course is designed based on the DigCompEdu framework, which is the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators, aiming to help educators at all levels to develop their digital pedagogic competence and strengthen the skills and knowledge about the use of information and communication technology in education. The framework describes 22 professional digital competencies organized in 6 areas, with 6 proficiency levels. This course aims to help you to discover how to boost digital competence in your professional life, as well as learning how to effectively integrate technology in the classroom and ultimately empower students to develop their digital competence.

You will be guided to reflect upon your digital competence through a comprehensive self-assessment of digital competence for educators. You will also get familiar with digital technology for teaching and learning by exploring different tools and strategies. Besides, you will learn to apply digital assessment strategies and tools to facilitate feedback and analyze students’ progress.

By the end of the course, you will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of digital competence for educators. You will be able to design a personal learning path for your professional development of digital competence. You will also be able to identify, modify and create suitable digital resources and assessments that are relevant to your objectives. By being a digitally competent teacher, you will enable your students to develop their digital skills too.

No prior technological skill is required for taking this course. The DigCompEdu framework focus on non-technical skills and detail on how technology can be used to enhance and innovate education of different levels. Want to be a digitally competent educator? This course will guide you onto the right path.

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Course categories: ICT and School Innovation

ICT: Today’s teachers have to be familiar with new technologies and digital media not only to understand their students’ world but also to update their way of teaching according to the new needs of their students. Thanks to our courses on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) you will learn how to manage a classroom online or remotely, by exploring the most relevant ICT tools for teaching. You will be able to use various forms of digital content, such as audio platforms, videos, and social media, to communicate with your students.

School Innovation: Both students’ needs and institutional demands nowadays change so quickly that is not always easy to keep up with the latest requirements. These courses provide school principals, managers, and teachers with new tools to face an ever-changing society. Our training courses about project management, entrepreneurship, team building, and mentoring will help you make the most of new trends in school administration. You also have the chance to get familiar with the most interesting educational systems in Europe, such as the German VET system, the Finnish school system, or the Italian preschool education. Finally, you can also explore innovative methodologies to foster a more creative and inclusive school environment.

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