The Improvising Teacher

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This course teaches participants the art of improvisation, through games and exercises that have been developed to help people to respond quickly and creatively to stimulus. There couldn’t be a better way to foster listening, awareness, flexibility and team-work than through drama improvisation. Moreover, all these games and exercises are simply a lot of fun, as participants push themselves outside their usual patterns of behaviour and expression, performing characters, scenes and situations that are often as unexpected as they are fun and entertaining. The course will draw upon the long-standing European and North American improvisation schools, with special focus on the work of Keith Johnstone.

What will you learn?

-To trust yourself and others

- To be more present to others and given circumstances

- Team-work

- Flexibility

- To expand your range of expression

- Many games and exercises which you will then be able to use and adapt to your own classroom

- The value of improvisational theatre as an educational/ communal experience

- To respond to stimuli, quickly, creatively and collaboratively

The course is led by professional actor/ director/ musician and theatre educator, Daniel Zappi.

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Chain foundation
Florence , Italy

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