Essere la Maschera: from Ancient Roman theatre to Commedia Dell'Arte

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This course is an introduction to the fascinating world of theatrical masks throughout the ages, with a particular focus on the Western European tradition, from Ancient Greek and Roman theatre to Commedia Dell’Arte. Through a series of acting workshops, participants will gain practical knowledge of the relationship between physical expression, character psychology and the mask. We will also be looking at stock characters and archetypes and their attributes, as well as learning to make Commedia Dell’Arte masks. Finally we will visit ancient Roman playwright Plauto’s home-town ‘Sarsina’ where, among other things, we will perform scenes from some of Plauto's comedies. Another highlight of the course is a visit to Padova- a city known for its rich Commedia Dell’Arte heritage.

What will you learn?

-Greater awareness of your vocal and physical communication

-An introduction to the history of masks in Western European theatre

-Introduction to making Commedia Dell’Arte masks

-Practical knowledge of stock characters from the Commedia tradition

-Many games and exercises which you will then be able to use and adapt to your own classroom

-The value of theatre as an educational/ communal experience

-To respond to stimuli, quickly, creatively and collaboratively

-To foster empathy and sensitivity through character-work

The course is led by professional actor/ director/ musician and theatre educator, Daniel Zappi.

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Florence, Padova and Sarsina , Italy

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