Essere Shakespeare Series: The Merchant of Venice

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In this course, participants will bring 'The Merchant of Venice' by William Shakespeare to life through an immersive, highly active exploration of Shakespearean language, the psychology of the play’s characters and their relationships, and the world they are steeped in: 16th century Venice. Indeed as part of the course, we will be visiting Venice and performing extracts from the play in the very places that are home to the play’s characters. The course will culminate with a devised version of The Merchant of Venice, created and performed by the participants as a group.

What will you learn?

- How to work with Shakespearean language in practice

- Games and exercises which you can use and adapt to your classroom needs

- Greater awareness of your vocal and physical communication

- To learn to devise a theatre piece with others

- The value of theatre as an educational/ communal experience

- To respond to stimuli, quickly, creatively and collaboratively

- To foster empathy and sensitivity through acting

The course is led by Daniel Zappi, professional actor/ director/ musician and theatre educator.

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Florence and Venice , Italy

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