Enhancing Students' Motivation through Inquiry-Based Learning

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To develop greater competence in:
• Seeking wide range of information by questioning;
• Producing knowledge formation that can be widely applied;
• Implying involvement that leads to better understanding;
• Implying possessing skills and attitudes that permit to seek resolutions to questions and issues while constructing the new knowledge;
• Increasing knowledge of a subject from lower grades to upper grades;
• Comprehending larger conceptual context and gaining greater understanding;
• Leading to important outcomes in the classroom within a conceptual framework, inquiry learning and active learner involvement;
• Developing useful problem-solving skills;
• Evolving students ability to actively make observations, to collect, analyze, and synthesize information, and draw conclusions ;
• Elaborating habits of mind that can last a lifetime and guide learning and creative thinking.;
• Clarifying the conception of Inquiry-based Learning as a system that is more student centered, with the teacher as a facilitator of learning;
• Understanding that Learning becomes more attractive when something fascinates students and reflects their interests and goals;
• Focusing on determining the progress of skills development in addition to content understanding;
• Appreciating that Inquiry-based Learning is concerned with in-school success, but it is equally concerned with preparation for Life-Long Learning;
• Encouraging students to search and make use of resources beyond the classroom and the school;
• Using new technologies which are rich sources of learning and learning materials, and can generate ideas and solutions;
• Assuming that Inquiry-based approach helps students to connect science with the scientific method, they learn to apply the method to various fields of study while coming to understand their content.

This course uses various activities to develop the idea of applying the Inquiry-based Learning as a powerful tool for uplifting the students’ motivation for studying as well as providing practical suggestions for creating an inventive atmosphere in the classroom.

The methodological approach contains:
• Problem-based Sessions;
• Minute Paper for a Background Knowledge Probe;
• Audio-Visual Presentations;
• Demonstrations;
• Collaborative Learning Sessions;;
• Brainstorming;
• Group Discussions;
• Presentation of the material connected to real-world experiences or students’ educational goals;
• Problem-Solving Activities;
• Buzz Sessions;
• Role-Playing;
• Reflective Inquiry;
• Small Group Work;
• Debates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The course fee required is fixed at 70 EUR per course day and depends on the duration of the course, chosen by the participants: 5, 7 or 10 days course. We don't require "package price"(course fee +accommodation+meals) like some other course providers, as usually this type of price is much higher than the real expenses. Furthermore, in the case of "package price" participants are restricted regarding their accommodation preferences.

The participants will have an option to choose their own accommodation regarding their budget and other preferences. We shall advise them and assist in any possible manner in order to find the best option.

I am always at your disposal for any further information.

Kindest Regards,
Kina Dimitrova

Course organiser
Motivated Learning for Everyone
Bruges/Brussels, Belgium

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Motivated Learning for Everyone
Motivated Learning for Everyone
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