Inclusive Teaching and Special Educational Needs

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Merganser has over 20 years of experience in organising International Education training courses for teachers and other education staff.
We are an experienced UK Training Provider for the Erasmus+ Programme.
Merganser is located in the beautiful Heritage City of Bath.

Our modular training course provides teachers and other education staff with the opportunity to:

• become more familiar with the English Education System and English culture
• update teaching and learning skills
• observe and evaluate various classroom management strategies and
transferability to own school
• develop suitable resources to improve the motivation of their students
• participate in educational visits to two local schools
• engage in experiential learning using the Heritage City of Bath as the learning tool
• exchange ideas of best practice and develop links with teachers from
other European countries
• acquire strategies for dissemination of learning in own organisation
• improve language competence through focused English language sessions (optional, supplement payable)

Course Details:
Our course runs from Monday to Friday and is usually of one weeks' duration (including travel time)

Class Times: 09.00 - 16.00

Programme Summary (example):
Day 1 (am) Introduction to the English Education System followed by workshop on special needs issues in English schools.
Day 1 (pm) Visit to sites in Bath to evaluate their potential as education resources with a focus on inclusive teaching.

Day 2 Visit to a local school to observe lessons and engage in educational discussions with school staff, with particular reference to SEND and Inclusion policies and best practice.

Day 3 (am) Workshop to evaluate the school visit and opportunity for preparation of new resources.
Preparation for the second school visit.
Workshop led by SEND/Inclusion specialist.

Day 3 (pm) Experiential learning activity in Bath to use it as a motivational resource for teaching and learning.

Day 4 Visit to a local school with a focus on the use of ICT for inclusion/SEND and differentiation strategies.

Day 5 (am) Workshop to reflect on the second school visit and planning time for preparation of resources.
Workshop evaluation of the new teaching/learning resources.
Day 5 (pm) Course evaluation and presentation of certificates.

Course organiser
Bath, United Kingdom

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Attended 03.03.2019 - 09.03.2019

I participated in this course in March 2019. I am satisfied with the course. The activities and workshops were well-prepared Merganser team members. According to the plan of the course, there were two school visits. We visited Fosse Way School for SEN students and Norton Hill school. The teachers in both schools were very positive and provided a lot of information concerning the schools.

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Attended 30.09.2018 - 06.10.2018

We participated in a course in November 2018. We are very satisfied with the course which was professionaly prepared and conducted in familiar and nice atmosphere. During the course we had a chance to visit two schools, which was a unique experience especially in case of Fosse Way School for children with SEN. We could learn how teachers in the school use various methods and solutions to work with disabled children. Many of them we will surely implement in our school. We met fantastic teachers from different European countries. Talking with them turned out highly inspiring both in private and professional areas. We do recommend this course.

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Attended 24.09.2017 - 30.09.2017

A very enriching cultural, professional and personal experience. The visit to schools allows us to know at first hand some brushstrokes of the English educational system. The course is well structured and the organization works because everything works correctly.

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Attended 30.09.2018 - 06.10.2018

The course, from my point of view, has as a more positive and enriching aspect, the possibility it offers to visit educational centers of the country in which special education students are attended. Centers in which we receive excellent treatment, by the professionals who work in them. On the other hand, during the course I did not find out about the attention of students with disabilities and / or special educational needs. This is due to the fact that the days of the scheduled course, the organization attended to professionals who request different modules, and therefore with different interests and concerns.

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Attended 24.09.2017 - 30.09.2017

A unique experience, both with course providers and the school staff we had visited! It was a very useful professional experience and I recommend it to everyone! And if you wish to experience England, the city of Bath is the right place for it! I was honored to meet all those lovely people, highly professional in their work! The result of it at school is exceptional and amazing!

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